Unlock the tech teams potential with UtterskillsUnlock the tech teams potential with Utterskills

Unlock Your Tech Team's Full Potential

Achieve outstanding project results with our expert course on essential (Soft) Skills Beyond Code.

Your tech teams will improve:
Communication & Efficiency
Collaboration & Integration Into The Company
Business Acumen & Tech Ownership

The All-in-one Solution

Our Skills Beyond Code Course

Our unique course is dedicated to teaching IT professionals the critical skills needed beyond just coding to form effective teams and achieve better project results.

On Demand

Our micro-learning video lessons take just 15 minutes a day: easy to integrate into everyday work. No need to send the teams to elaborate seminars.

Fast & Lasting Results

We teach experience, not theorie. Learnings can be put directly into practice and our micro-learning approach guarantees in-depth learning.

Course Topics

Communication and especially communicating tech to non-technical people, Business Acumen, Leadership, Collaboration, Mentoring, People Skills, Self-Organization and IT-processes know-how.

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